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Trademark renewal process is one of the essential process comes under the trademark registration. Trademark renewal is the time to time process need to follow for the long running of the business. Trademark renewal and its failing process easily lead to the complexity for the well going business. E-register portals are very helpful one to know the status of the trademark renewal procedure. Every year more than lakh of application is waiting for the proper approval of the trademark registration process. But the same is not replicating one in the work of renewal process. It is one the major causes for the care on the trademark renewal procedure. It is the common law and norm that the trademark registration and foiling is valid only for a decade of time from the registration date. After this time schedule, many companies and corporate failed to hold their name. Just because of the trademark renewal not processed many applications are targeting the same name and processing the new registration. After that, trademark opposition among the third parties are easily rising in lot of number.



  • What is the quality of good trademark?

    A good trademark need to simple, easy to remember, not too complicated. Newly coined words, Simple inventive steps are acceptable one in this category of good trademark.

  • What is trademark selection?

    Trademark selection is nothing but the usual trademark checking process to verify if the desired name is available or not. This process directly completes at the government trademark portal.

  • What is trademark objection?

    Trademark objection is commenting by the trademark examiner. When, the trademark using with the common and generic names then it should be prohibiting for the trademark registration.

  • What is trademark renewal?

    Trademark registration is valid only for the ten years of period. After the ten years the same trademark will be used after the proper completion of trademark renewal process.

  • What is the noticing period for renewal?

    Already registered trademark wants to continue it needs to renew before six months of its expiry. A proper notice regarding the trademark renewal is intimating through the trademark registrar.

  • Who are eligible to file a trademark?

    Business people, entities and individuals all are eligible to register their trademark. Global registrations are also applicable one without any restriction.

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